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  •         Cangzhou Dingxin SteelPipe Co.,Ltd is China Industry Anticorrosion Technology Association member units, Hebei Province Anticorrosion insulation industry association secretary-general unit, has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, is specialized in the spiral steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, straight seam steel pipe and steel pipe anti-corrosion, pipe insulation, facilities construction, as well as anti-corrosion materials R & D and manufacturing large specialized enterprises. Hebei Province Anticorrosion insulation industry associations governing units. Founded in 2000, the annual production capacity of 4000000 square meters. The factory covers an area of 50000 square meters, construction area of 11000 square meters, has three standardized production workshop, the existing staff of 175 people, senior technical titles of 26 people, the existing 3 with the international advanced level of steel pipe anticorrosion line and pipe insulation production lines. The company an annual output of D219-D2432, wall thickness 6-25mm double-sided spiral submerged arc welding steel pipe 200000 tons. With an annual output of thick wall thickness longitudinal submerged arc welded steel pipe 200000 tons; using today's advanced production equipment and the United States of America Lincoln automatic submerged arc welding machine, and equipped with a digital ultrasonic flaw detector, hydrostatic pressure testing machine, X ray real time imaging, universal material testing machine, the impact testing machine for Charpy material such as a complete quality inspection apparatus. Company products by the " China Petroleum Industrial pipes for quality supervision and inspection center" test, all standards. Ancillary equipment including pipe blasting derusting machine, three PE winding equipment, PE pipe black yellow jacket pipe pulling machine, sandblasting derusting equipment, polyurethane foaming machine, low fat Kee platform, fiber glass winding machine, two PE coating, cement mortar spraying machine and other anti-corrosion insulation supporting test equipment. The company can bear steel pipeline of monolayer and bilayer fusion bonded epoxy powder ( FBE ), polyethylene ( 2PE ) and a three layer polyethylene ( 3PE ), a double-layer polypropylene (2PP), and three layers of polypropylene ( 3PP ), coal tar epoxy anti-corrosion steel pipe, steel pipe, steel glass resin polyurethane prefabricated directly buried insulating pipe, steel steam directly buried insulating pipe, black and yellow jacket pipe insulation, IPN8710 polymer anticorrosion, epoxy resin anticorrosive pipe, high density polyethylene anticorrosive pipe, cement mortar lining anticorrosion, prefabricated directly buried pipe insulation anticorrosion engineering. Executive standard: DIN30670, DIN30671, SY\/T0413-2002SY\/T0315-97, GB\/T23257-2009, SY\/T0447-96, SY\/T0457-2008, CECS10:89, CJ\/T114-2000, CJ\/T115-2001, CJ\/T200-2004. The company has strong technical strength, rich construction experience, to participate in the completion of my country in long distance oil, gas, water conveyance project of anticorrosive heat preservation, the quality of products and services by the users praise.

           Specializing in the production of anti-corrosion pipe insulation, the main products are: spiral steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, straight seam steel pipe and steel pipe anticorrosion and thermal insulation products.

    In 1, high density polyethylene and polyurethane foam insulation pipe, standard: SY\/T114-2000, SY\/T115-2001;

    In 2, oil and natural gas with three layers of polyethylene ( 3PE ) steel pipe anti-corrosion, two layers of polyethylene ( 2PE ) steel pipe anticorrosion,

    Standard: SY\/T0413-2002; DIN30670.

    In 3, oil and natural gas with FBE ( single layer fusion bonded epoxy powder coating of steel pipe ), 2FBE ( double layer fusion bonded epoxy powder anticorrosive ) steel pipe, standard: SY\/T0315-97, SY\/T0315-2005;

    In 4, the water supply pipeline of cement mortar lining of steel pipe anticorrosion, standard: CECS10:89;

    5, coal tar epoxy glass cloth anti-corrosion steel pipe, standard: GB50268-97, SY\/T0447-96;

    In 6, the water supply pipeline IPN8710 polymer coating steel pipe internal corrosion, standard: SY\/T0457-2000;

    In 7, steel steam directly buried insulating pipe.

    We always uphold the " credibility of the first, quality-oriented, cooperation and win-win" business philosophy and " customer first, to Dexing factory " business purposes, is committed to building the management as the basis, to customers as the center, science and technology as the guide, to the quality of the lifeline optimization enterprise, our company is willing to become your long-term partners, we sincerely welcome your arrival!